Mordor Intelligence(モルドール・インテリジェンス)

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Mordor Intelligence(モルドール・インテリジェンス)社の概要

Mordor Intelligence is a market research and consulting firm with expertise in accurate research and analysis. 9,000+ comprehensive reports across 60+ industry segments. Trusted by 300+ brands across the globe.

Mordor Intelligence is your one-stop supplier of market knowledge. International markets make up an enormous range of raw data; our passion for data with a strong focus for identifying trends in this gathering of information. We present, estimate, and analyze market and competition conditions. We are the overseer that continues to analyze the market, focusing on around 8 separate industries: Information Communications & Technology, Agriculture, Health Care, Energy & Power, Food & Beverage, Automation, Semiconductors, and Aerospace & Defense. In our history while operating we have gain the trust and support of our clients and the respect and appreciation of our competitors.

Why Mordor, you may ask?
• We Listen: Utilizing a mass network with more than 1000 industry players and dedicated domain-specific research staff in more than 8 major sectors, we have ears everywhere.
• We Understand: Customizing specific market data for your business and research needs; we are a client-focused research firm that provides information and knowledge during every step of the process.
• We Deliver: Opinions and findings from expert analysts are up-to-date information will support you in making intelligent business moves. We always enhance the price of information and assist you in growing your business.

[Mordor Intelligence Custom Research Solution Offers]
-Market Sizing&Forecasting
-Market Dynamics
-Competitive Intelligence
-Industry Trends
-Opportunities Analysis
-Regulatory Landscape
-Value Chain Analysis
-Product Pipeline Analysis
-Investment Analysis
-Impact Analysis

Mordor Intelligence(モルドール・インテリジェンス)社の人気レポート